Meet the Task Force

The Archdiocesan Task Force for Youth & Young Adult Ministry is made up of 2 representatives (1 clergy and 1 lay person) from each youth discipline in the Archdiocese: Youth Ministry (Teen SOYO), Young Adult Ministry (ages 19-35), Christian Education, and Camping Ministry. The Task Force is chaired by Fr. Nicholas Belcher. In addition to the 9 members of the Task Force, representatives from each youth discipline on the parish and Diocese level are included on the Steering Committees for the larger work of the Task Force.

Steering Committees of the Task Force
*denotes member of the Task Force


  • Khalil Samara*
  • Fr. Christopher Shadid,* Antiochian Village
  • Fr. Andrew Andrews, Camp St. Nicholas
  • Fr. Benjamin Kjendal, Camp St. Herman
  • Fr. Alex Mackoul, Camp St. Thekla
  • Gayle Malone, Camp St. Raphael
  • James Matthews, Antiochian Village
  • Dr. Tom Saba, Village Up North
  • Nellie Salloum, Camp St. Innocent
  • Cade Scott, Antiochian Village
  • Fr. James Shadid, Camp St. Raphael
  • Fr. Fred Shaheen, Camp St. George
  • Concetta Smarius
  • Kh. Kara Vollman, Camp St. Mary of Egypt
  • Alex Younes, Camp Transfiguration

Christian Education

  • Fr. Nicholas Long*
  • Anna-Sarah Farha*
  • Gregory Abdalah
  • Fr. George Alberts, Eastern Dioceses
  • Anne Beach, Los Angeles and the West
  • Fr. Noah Bushelli – Homeschooling
  • Rev. Christopher Rigden-Briscall, Ottawa and Upstate NY
  • Mat. Anna Hughes, Worcester and New England
  • Robert Snyder, Toledo and the Midwest
  • Kh. Gigi Shadid, Wichita and Mid-America

Youth Ministry

  • Fr. Philip Rogers*
  • Erin Ghata*
  • NAC & Diocese Officers & Advisors

Young Adult Ministry

  • Fr. Michael Nasser*
  • Wayne Parr*
  • Fr. Calinic Berger – HOST
  • Karen Kinaan – HOST
  • Fr. Milad Selim – OYPC
  • Irene Pappas – OYPC
  • Fr. Alex Mackoul – TELOS
  • Adam Murphy/Andrew Garrison – TELOS
  • Diocesan Spiritual Advisors and Lay Leaders